Camping with Kids

Fresh air, cozy fires, marshmallows and hot dogs, hiking through the woods, a chance to unplug—there’s nothing like camping and I’ve discovered, over the years, when you have kids, it is one of the most rewarding mini-breaks you can have. Of course, it can also be chaotic madness.

Your Health

6 Healthy Mother-Daughter Bonding Ideas

As a young girl and a teenager I cherished the time I had with just my mother, as an opportunity for us to bond and share girl-talk, those shopping trips and outings not only brought us together, but created lasting memories.


Spring Break From Home

Up until last year, I hadn’t worked a spring break in about five years. Yes, I was spoiled. No, I didn’t take it for granted. And yes, it was amazing. Of course, this year, I’m once again working during spring break and am trying to control my envy as my Facebook page fills with pictures […]

Family Vacations

Blue Mountain Adventures

Just 31 miles west of metropolitan Sydney, the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains begin with sandstone plateaus, and you’re entering the Greater Blue Mountains Area World Heritage Site, a vast area consisting of seven national parks and a conservation reserve.


Adventures In The Bungle Bungles

Located in Western Australia is what many native Australians consider the country’s last frontier…and a spectacular World Heritage Site in Purnululu National Park and the Bungle Bungles mountain range, a rugged area that includes restricted Aboriginal lands and eerie rock formations.