Favorite Presidents

While sitting on the couch and watching TV the other day, a commercial came on for a documentary on Abraham Lincoln and his assassination. Joseph turned and looked at me, his eyes wide. “Someone shot President Lincoln?” he asked horrified.


Top 6 Apps for 4th of July

Happy Birthday America! Whether you celebrate on a grand scale or quietly at home with a small BBQ and sparklers I’ve got a list of apps that will add to your Independence Day spirit.


Top 6 Apps For Passover

When it comes to the holidays apps can be a help to moms in so many ways. They can help us teach our children (and sometimes ourselves) about the history behind our celebrations. 


DIY American History Civil War Drum Project

This really fun and easy to do drum project corresponds directly with our Momtastic "Out and About Classroom" Series, History Lesson, and is a fun activity you can do with your kids to help get them interested in American History.