Keep Bored Kids Busy With a DIY Cardboard Skee Ball Game

Kids going stir crazy from being cooped up inside during the cold winter months? Since you don’t want kids running up and down your hallway to burn off energy, this fun DIY cardboard Skee Ball game is a great way to spend time as a family indoors without killing each other! Upcycle any cardboard box into […]


Keep Kids Busy With an Indoor Pom Pom Snowball Fight!

It’s cold, and let’s face it, you would rather be inside where it’s warm than outside watching your kids catch a cold. Besides, the snow is pretty and fluffy for about five minutes after it falls and then it just becomes dirty and crunchy. Right? Instead of keeping them indoors while they go stir crazy, […]


These DIY Window Clings Are A Mess Free Indoor Activity For Kids

The time will come this summer when your kids need to escape the hot weather and enjoy the air conditioning indoors. But that doesn’t mean they have to give up fun summer activities. Give your kids a chance to make their own fun summer-themed window clings by painting their own shapes or following stencils. With […]