11 Best Shopping Apps for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again, when everyone scrambles to manage all their lists: to do lists, grocery lists, honey-do lists, and wish lists! How we manage it all in time to enjoy the holidays is beyond me. Here are some of the best mobile apps to save you time and money while you're out […]


Get Untangled with these Cool Organizers

We all know technology is supposed to simplify our lives, right? So why then, do it’s accessories always seem leave us in a tangled mess or disappear from us whenever we need them the most? These unique organizers will help keep you on track.


Where Do Babies Come From?

I’ve read articles and books. I’ve listened to Julia Sweeny’s hilarious explanation. I’ve discussed how we’re going to explain things. I’ve cringed at other parents’ flubs. And still, when Joseph asked, I wasn’t prepared.


Apps For Resolutions

The new year is almost here and if you're like me your thoughts begin to turn to goals and resolutions.


Apps For Hanukkah

Hanukkah will be here before you know it and this year the number of Hanukkah themed offerings has expanded in the App Store.


6 Apps For Emergency Preparedness

In honor of National Preparedness Month I've put together a list of 6 Apps to help with your family's emergency preparedness efforts.