Your Guide to a Great Summer with Your Kids

We have finally joined the rest of the country. School’s out for the summer. No more lunches to pack. No more homework packets to complete. No more permission slips to sign. No more after-school childcare to juggle. It’s time to relax and enjoy the summer.


Almost Summer

There’s something about the first week of June. Something a little…manic. The kids all know they only have a couple weeks of school left. The ones who are of an age for testing are done. The ones who are graduating have been done for weeks. The weather is hotter, the beaches are calling, and we […]


Play Outside

While I might complain about daylight savings time to every person who passes my way, I have to admit I love being able to tell the kids to go play outside while I make dinner. It’s one of the few times I hear my mother’s voice coming from my mouth.


3 Classic Hanukkah Activties to do with Kids

One of the best ways for young children to begin to learn about Hanukkah (Chanukah),  is to provide them with fun, hands-on kid friendly activities, so that they will have fun learning, while playing.