Spruce up your Halloween Decor

If you’ve just pulled your Halloween Decorations out of the closet and they’re looking a little tired and worn, check out what we’ve found, to help spruce up the look of your home this Halloween.  


DIY Dog Treats

Store bought dog treats are often really expensive, so check out making these DIY Dog Treats as a fun & healthy alternative.


Urbio Magnetic Wall Systems

The clean, modern look of these modular magnetic walls systems can be used both indoors and outdoors, plus they’re also great for keeping your desk or work station organized.  


Set a “Kid’s Only” Thankgiving Table This Year

If you’ve never set a “Kid’s Only” Thanksgiving Table before, here are a few great ideas and finds to help you get started on a new Thanksgiving Tradition that will help keep the kids entertained and seated throughout your Thanksgiving dinner.    


Apple Snack Muffins

With apples everywhere right now, I am baking up a storm. I can’t get enough of their crisp fall flavor and they are also fun to shop for at your local Farmer’s Market!