LEGO Unveils Braille Bricks to Help Visually Impaired Kids Read

As parents, we all want our kids to learn and have fun while doing it. But for the 19 million children worldwide who suffer from vision loss and blindness, it’s a bit more difficult. It turns out that due to incredible advancements in technology, like audiobooks and other computer-based learning, fewer and fewer blind children […]


5 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Play Date to RememberSponsored content

Hosting a barbecue? Easy! Hosting a girl’s night in? Done! But hosting a play date for my little ones (age 3 and 9) and their friends? Including our neighbouring ankle-biters, tweens and all ages in between? Well, I’m still getting my head around that one. The truth is, making friends — communicating, sharing, compromising — […]


The Switch Witch

We get a visitor, the night of Halloween. No, it’s not trick or treaters. No, it’s not teenagers pretending to be in a costume so they can get candy. We get a visit from the Switch Witch.


I’m raising nudists

  Every day, it’s the same story. It starts slowly. I come home from work and see that my son has taken off his shorts and is sitting in his underwear and T-shirt, playing Legos.