DIY Holiday Crafts

DIY Holiday: Dying Easter Eggs Naturally

Skip the Easter egg dyes that are lining the store shelves this time of year. You probably have a lot of items in your fridge already to dye eggs beautifully and naturally. It's a lot of fun to experiment with different types of colorful vegetables or fruits. In this case we used red cabbage (which […]


DIY: Stitched Wrapping Paper

Even if you’re only a beginner at sewing, you can create this pretty handmade alternative to brown wrapping paper. Make gift-giving really special with this simple DIY. Show the recipient you really care with a personal touch. 

Home Decor

DIY Mother’s Day Gift: Ombre Dipped Candles

  Ombre fabric dying is a dip dye effect created a layer of gradual color. It's been used a lot in fashion lately but for Mother's Day this year why not create a pretty set of ombre dipped candles in a favorite color for a really a lovely effect? Keep reading to see the full […]