Margaret Meade


Maggie Meade is the mom behind the top rated website, Wholesome Baby Food. She lives with her husband, twin boys, a german shepard and a tiger cat; she also has an older son who is away at university.  With the arrival of her twin boys, she left the corporate world to stay at home with the babies and never looked back.  When her boys were ready for solid foods, she started making homemade baby food and soon, more and more people were asking her how she did it.

Wholesome Baby Food began as a mock up for a presentation on homemade baby food to be given to a local Mom’s group.  This was a simple and effective way for her to share recipes and her experiences with feeding all her babies fresh homemade foods. Taking pediatric and nutrition advice, medical recommendations and her own knowledge of making baby food, the presentation soon morphed and was born in 2003.  The goal of Wholesome Baby Food was to inspire parents to make their own baby food and to show parents that they can easily and economically feed their babies healthier, fresher and tastier foods than those found in jars. Shaping a baby’s palate and tastebuds with the flavors and textures of fresh cooked foods lays the foundation for healthier food choices, good nutritional standing and may even change the way the whole family eats.  Now go forth and puree!

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