Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Every year, there’s a fresh batch of new and trendy diets. They are often tagged as the next best thing and wellness junkies jump at the chance to try them. And most of the time they find that the diet is too hard to follow or they don’t see long term results. But ff there’s […]


Honey-Hummus Pancakes

I've decided that hummus should be a staple in everyone's home.  (In most of the Mediterranean, it is a staple!)  Hummus is unbelievably good for you, and it's so delicious!   At our house, pancakes are a big part of a relaxed breakfast atmosphere. 


Nicoise Style Salad

This is a very colorful, healthy composed salad.  In a “composed salad,” the ingredients are cut and arranged on the plate, rather than being mixed together.  I love this because my boys (four and six) can simply choose the ingredients they like — while I eat all of it!