Pomegranate Fizz Mocktail Recipe

If you love fruity cocktails, but aren't drinking this year, we've got a sweet solution. there's no reason for you to abstain from tasty drinks just because you're abstaining from alcohol—try a mocktail! This Pomegranate Fizz Mocktail is booze-free but still has the kick you crave. Try this easy recipe at a party or on […]


Buttered Not Rum Mocktail Recipe

If you're craving a hot buttered rum, but you aren't drinking, we've got a virgin version that tastes just like the real thing! Satisfying, spicy, and steamy this mocktail has no booze and lots of flavor. Drink it on a winter evening or serve it at a party. Try the recipe below.


Blood and Sand Mocktail Recipe

If you love smoky cocktails, but aren't drinking this year, you make want to try this Blood and Sand Mocktail. Free of alcohol, this mocktail still imparts the smoky flavor you may be craving. Perfect for parties, try this drink on New Year's Eve or mix up the recipe anytime you need an nonalcoholic refreshment.


Aperol Spritz Mocktail

This bright mocktail makes a great celebratory drink to serve at a party. This is perfect for those at your gathering who can't have alcohol; just because a guest can't enjoy a cocktail, that doesn't mean you can't serve an elegant and flavorful citrus drink. Try it on New Year's Eve or on any special […]


Moscow Mule Mocktail Recipe

Don't discriminate against those who don't drink! With this refreshing, ginger mocktail, your guests who are abstaining this year will be able to join in the merriment and party! This delicious non-alcoholic mixed drink has got a tangy kick and tastes just like the real thing. You can even try fooling guests into thinking it's […]


Raspberry Shrub Mocktail Recipe

Just because you're not drinking, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the party! Whether you're pregnant, trying to conceive, or simply abstaining this holiday season, trade in a cocktail for an alcohol-free mocktail! This berry sweet drink gives a convincing tangy kick that makes it taste like the real thing. No one will guess this […]