I Wish I Didn’t Love the Baby Stage So Much

I really wish I didn’t love the baby stage so much. My second (and please, not my last) baby turns one this week. Everyone who asks and finds out she’s approaching her first birthday is so excited. Family and friends gathered this past weekend to celebrate her first year. My mom made lavender tinted whipped […]


Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pediatrician

I had checklists for my checklists when I was expecting my first child. Already a pro at navigating message boards during my wedding planning, I pored through threads of advice for choosing the best pediatrician to curate my own. It was embarrassingly lengthy yet practical, and helped me narrow down the contenders before baby number […]


How I’m Coping with a Newborn When I’ve Also Got Young Kids

There is no denying that the first few months after having a baby are tough, but when you’ve already got another child (or two!) to look after it’s a whole different ball game!  We welcomed our third son a little over four months ago and we also have a three and four-year-old. Prior to our baby’s arrival […]