DIY Homemade (& Healthier) Disney Dole Whip Recipe

Calling all Disney fans! You don’t have to brave the lines to satisfy your Dole Whip cravings anymore! It’s surprisingly easy to make your own homemade, healthier Dole Whip recipe at home in your blender (not to mention cheaper). Made with frozen pineapple, banana and coconut milk, the taste is a little reminiscent of a […]


Chicken Pineapple Kabobs Recipe

Grilled chicken skewers can be a little boring, but toss in the bright acidity of pineapple and the deep flavors of teriyaki sauce and you have yourself one tasty summer kabob. The marinade does a terrific job of making the chicken super tender and adds the perfect salty bite to compliment the sweetness of the […]


3 Ways to Eat Quinoa

There are tons of delicious quinoa recipes out there, but here are three of our favorites on Momtastic. Any one of these 3 quick and easy recipes will provide a great way to enjoy this healthful grain.