DIY Holiday Crafts

Holiday DIY: Pinecone Trees

This is a really special Christmas craft you can do to decorate your home for the merry holiday. Isn't it convenient that pinecones are shaped like Christmas trees? With this holiday spin on family fun, even the kids can participate by adding the puff paint Christmas lights to the trees. Once done, line these up […]

Crafts for Kids

Pinecone Santa Ornament DIY Craft

Pinecones are wonderful for holiday crafting, especially if you’re looking for a fun craft idea to do with the kids! There are so many DIYs you can do with pinecones to go with your holiday decorations. This charming Santa Pinecone Ornament is the perfect ornament for your Christmas tree. I makes a wonderful keepsake, and […]

DIY Holiday Crafts

Pinecone Turkey DIY Craft

Here is a super-simple Pinecone Turkey craft you can make with kids for fall or Thanksgiving. This is a low-cost DIY, especially if you can find the pinecones in your yard, or on a nature walk. Make several of these and put one at each person’s plate for Thanksgiving dinner, add a name card and […]

DIY Holiday Crafts

Pinecone Witch DIY Craft

Pinecone crafts are always a big hit with kids, and the best part is you can score pinecones this time of year at little or no cost. During the fall season nature provides plenty of pinecones, but you don’t have to wait for the Halloween or the holiday season to start crafting. Each Pinecone Witches […]