Married Life

How Romance Novels Pulled My Marriage Out of a Rut

After 16 years of marriage, my husband and I have settled into a comfortable routine. He packs the kids’ lunches and sends them off to school. I handle after school activities and cook dinner. Evenings involve sitting on our couch while catching up on our DVR’d shows. We have a handle on domesticity. Routine may […]


Valentines Day-Romance On A Budget For Him

Last week, we went over romance on a budget for her. Well ladies, it's time to step up your game! No excuses, romance is not just your man's responsibility. He might not call it romance, but he definitely wants your attention and he definitely wants to feel special. No worries if you are on a […]


Valentines Day-Romance On A Budget For Her

You can argue that Valentines Day is a Hallmark holiday all you want. Truthfully though, it never hurts to turn up the romance any day of the year! If you are on a budget this year, but still want to have a romantic Valentines Day, no fear! You can romance on a budget, you just […]