Sally Byrd

altSally Byrd, CTN, MIFHI, LMBT, Founder, Director of Nutrition and Education, Author is a board certified Naturopath, a licensed body worker and is certified as a master teacher with the Institute for Human Individuality, spearheaded by Dr. D’Adamo.  With over thirty-one years as a professional in the natural products industry, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the field of nutrition. Her career has been dedicated to sales, marketing, education, and product formulation.  Sally is currently traveling and speaking about health and nutrition, and, she adds her expertise to several nutritional companies. She is also a partner with Progressive Health Strategies located in North Carolina. Her lifetime commitment to health education has been spread across the United States and the Caribbean through her seminars. As mother of two children, Everett and Carter, she has experienced first hand the challenges and rewards we all face as mothers when applying good eating habits to our kids’ behavior patterns. Her dedication and creativity, along with her reliable up-to-date nutrition information, has proven to an immeasurable asset to the book, Are Your Kids Running On Empty, CD Cookbook, Mom, I’m Hungry. What’s for Dinner. and all other related programs.

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