Easy Enchilada Sauce

It’s easy to be tempted by grocery store shortcuts for Mexican food. There are so many options! But I come bearing good news: from-scratch Mexican cooking is easier than you think, even with kids running circles around your kitchen. It’s healthier, too. This easy red enchilada sauce is proof.  


One Peanut Sauce, Endless Recipes

Listen up, family cooks! I’ve got important advice: never underestimate the power of a tasty all-purpose sauce, like my favorite Peanut Sauce. This recipe will save you hours in the kitchen, while keeping things fresh.


Minted Blackberry Dessert Sauce

I think that it's important for kids to understand where food comes from, and I absolutely love when we can pick food from the yard to cook!  It's wonderful:  seeing and learning about the plant, picking the food, and then creating something delicious with it in the kitchen!