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How To Save Money On Kids’ Shoes

  Most women I know have a pretty decent shoe collection. You have your dressy shoes, your sporty shoes, your casual shoes and of course your wide array of flip-flops and sandals to coordinate with your summertime outfits. One of the big benefits of being an adult is that your shoe size doesn't really change […]


Have a Fun Filled 4th of July on a Budget

4th of July is coming up in just a few days. It’s a day, for many, where you celebrate with family and friends! There’s usually a picnic or barbecue of sorts and of course…fireworks after the sun goes down! What if times are tough right now though? Should you bail on the festivities? No way! You can […]


How To Use Amazon To Save Money

Everyone has heard of Amazon. Some still associate the site with books only, but many have come to realize that Amazon is so much more! What you might not be aware of however, is just how much money Amazon can save you. From peanut butter to high end jewelry, Amazon has it all. Want to […]