Honey Spiced Lentils and Rice Recipe

It’s always great to have this rice and lentil dish on hand in the fridge. I often make a big batch of this each Monday and serve it at least a couple times a week with dinner.  It’s the perfect thing to go under a stew or anything saucy — or along side almost any […]


Roasted Cauliflower Gratin

I'm just not sure what's more comforting than a gratin.  (Well, fine, a blanket, chocolate, and quiet — I suppose.)  Seriously though, there's just something about melting cheese, breadcrumbs, and a creamy texture that makes people feel good.  


Apple-Yam Kugel

Is this dish packed with nutrients?  Yes!  Do kids love it? Yes! (Is this low-fat?  No.  And that's okay sometimes!) This super sweet Kugel is the perfect kid-friendly dish for a Hanukkah dinner!