Where Do Babies Come From?

I’ve read articles and books. I’ve listened to Julia Sweeny’s hilarious explanation. I’ve discussed how we’re going to explain things. I’ve cringed at other parents’ flubs. And still, when Joseph asked, I wasn’t prepared.


Girl Time

Last Friday, I didn’t work. With my last day at my old job on Thursday and the first day of my new job on Monday, I found myself, for a single day, unemployed.


Five Occupational Hazards of Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom

  1. Eating food that has been expelled from a two-year old’s mouth. My two-year old will regularly hand me food from his plate. If I’m not on top of my game, I’ll just go ahead and absently pop it in my mouth, realizing milliseconds too late that it’s a half-chewed bite he’s found fault […]


Starbucks Copycat: Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

I must admit: I’m not a regular Starbucks customer. When summer rolls around, though, I’m the first one in line at the omnipresent coffee joint. Not for an iced cup of joe or blended coffee drink, but for their delicious Green Tea Lemonade.Green tea is one of my favorite warm drinks and lemonade is one […]


New Mom Rescue Kit

Baby shower presents celebrate all of baby’s needs – adorable outfits, baby bottles and burp clothes, and satiny blankets. But, where’s the love for the new mama who will have plenty of needs of her own?