7 Things You Can do to Break out of Your SAHM Rut

Being a stay-at-home mom was never my dream. Like in a lot of families in today’s complicated American economy, it became clear as a first-time preggo that it didn’t make much sense for me to return to work once the baby was born. My salary would hardly cover daycare and commuting costs, with nothing left […]


Motherhood Gave Me Dreams I Didn’t Know I Had

It’s funny how dreams change. For example, when I was in fifth grade, I remember wanting to be a veterinarian. That transformed into a lot of different things over the years. For a while, it was a pediatrician, then a criminal psychologist, and once it was even an FBI agent. I dreamt of those things, […]


Five Occupational Hazards of Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom

  1. Eating food that has been expelled from a two-year old’s mouth. My two-year old will regularly hand me food from his plate. If I’m not on top of my game, I’ll just go ahead and absently pop it in my mouth, realizing milliseconds too late that it’s a half-chewed bite he’s found fault […]