Make a Set of Squishy DIY Stress Balls for Sensory Play

Whether you notice your kids feeling a little anxious or you simply want to try a new sensory activity, a simple stress ball could do the trick. Even better though, kids can help make their own squishy stress balls using balloons! Since I always take the “why buy when you can DIY?” approach, why not […]


How To Handle A Mom Meltdown

Mom meltdowns are the absolute worst. When they’ve happened to me, I’ve felt guilty and ashamed of myself for not being able to stay calm. As the parent, it is my job to model the kind of behavior that I want my kids to learn so that they can grow up and have a decent […]

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6 Silly Season Self-care Tips For Mums

People love talking about “self-care” for mums. It’s all the rage. And, on an intellectual level, I get it. Of course it’s important to look after yourself, you’ll feel at your best when you take care of yourself, yadda yadda. I smile and nod and make note of the good ideas… that I’m never going […]

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How to Take Care of Yourself First When You’re a Parent

You hear it all the time: Take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved ones. You need to apply the oxygen mask to yourself before you can save your kids. You can’t pour from an empty cup… so many clever statements to support us supporting ourselves first. And it’s great. I really […]