The Not-So-Sweet Truth about Sugar

I’m not going to “sugarcoat” this for you so here it is: sugar makes you fat. As a nation, we’re eating about 150 pounds of sugar per year, per person in the form of soda, bread, pasta, cereal, cake, cookies and more.  We’re bigger and unhealthier than ever before. The calories from sugar do little […]


Mommy Mixer-Salty Chihuahua

The first day of Spring is just around the corner (March 20) and I thought what better way to celebrate the hopefully impending warm weather than with a summer like drink.


How to Color Your Own Decorating Sugar – Naturally!

I'm all for moderation but, sometimes, I draw the line. I recently did just that with foods that contain synthetic food color. Though I've known that artificial food dyes are said to cause hyperactivity in some children and a multitude of other health problems, refusing the stuff never occurred to me.