DIY Holiday Crafts

DIY: Fabric Easter Trays

Bringing in a simple splash of color to the serving table is all that’s needed to usher in the feel of spring.  These oversized gingham trays are budget-friendly and offer up a double dose of cute for your special day with family.

DIY for Home

DIY: Easy Lampshade Update

Sometimes we forget how easy and inexpensive it can be to add that simple little touch to a room.  An embellishment that wakes up a tired, drab lampshade can make all the difference in a space. Here’s how! 


DIY: Blind Wine Bags

Blind Wine Tastings are a great way to gather your closest friends for an evening of relaxation and at the same time enjoy some new wines by diversifying your pallete.  


DIY: Laundry Bag

Raise your hand if you like doing laundry.  Yeah…me too!  But, what if you had a cute laundry bag to make it all better?  All you need is one yard of super-cute fabric and you are on your way to making laundry days just a little more bearable.  Let’s get to it!