Beef and Bean Taco Bites

They happened by accident, these taco bites. We’d run out of taco shells, but not of taco beef. My husband, the Hungry Papa, grabbed tortilla chips. Turned out we’d gotten the kind shaped as a scoop. He carefully spooned beef, beans and fixings into the mini shell and the fiesta-ready Taco Bite was born.


Top Five Parenting Highlights

Like my friend Jen, who, while we were watching our kids at soccer class and I complained that I had toothpaste in my hair, said “oh, good for you, you brushed your teeth!” I’m making an effort to see the sunny side of life wherever I can.


Fish and Corn Tacos

Cinco de Mayo is already upon us, and these Latin flavored tacos are just the thing for your Mexican feast! What could be better than a quick and easy, delicious, healthy entree? (That was a rhetorical question!)