10 Perfect Gifts for Friends

Do you exchange gifts with your friends at Christmas? As a rule I don’t, but sometimes I’ve had an exceptionally special year with a particular friend and I like to give them something to acknowledge it. Something small and unique to them – something they will treasure, just as I treasure their friendship. Related content: […]


10 Perfect Teacher Gifts

Do you give your class teacher an individual gift each year or does the whole class go in together? I confess that I do both! I love to give a little extra something because I CANNOT THANK MY KIDS’ TEACHER ENOUGH (I had to yell that because it’s just so true). I also love participating […]


Presents for Teachers and Carers that Don’t Suck

I have started writing lists of things to do before Christmas – with so much going on, I need a very thorough list. When it comes to Christmas and end-of-year obligations there are always a few things that leave me stumped. Presents for teachers is one of those things. What do you get a person that you don’t necessarily […]


Easy Teacher’s Gifts

Last year, I lucked out. The class mom sent a little note home with all the kids asking each parent to chip in what they could and to add a cute little picture to be colored in. This year, I’m on my own. I’ve compiled a list of a few easy, fun gifts for the teachers […]