A Little Help from Social Media

In our house, we blissfully believe in the Tooth Fairy. Granted, she can be a wee bit ditzy and has a tendency to drop money on the floor or even forget the tooth. She also has very swirly handwriting and is constantly being called upon to write apology notes. 


Two Front Teeth

All he’s going to want for Christmas is his two front teeth – as soon as the one currently dangling in his mouth falls out. Or he and I work up the courage to pull it ourselves.

Starting Solids

How Babies Chew Without Teeth

Our sense of reason and logic leads us to believe that babies cannot possibly begin to eat foods that are not pureed until they have teeth. Toss this faulty logic and reason aside because in reality, babies do not need teeth to be able to enjoy "table foods" or finger foods. It is logical to […]