DIY American History Civil War Drum Project

This really fun and easy to do drum project corresponds directly with our Momtastic "Out and About Classroom" Series, History Lesson, and is a fun activity you can do with your kids to help get them interested in American History.


“Out and About Classroom” – Government

During infancy and toddlerhood, it is we, the parents, who initially teach our children the laws of the land.  It begins with the basic rules such as, don’t hit, don’t lie and don’t steal the other kids’ toys, but as they get older, the rules get more complicated.


“Out and About Classroom” – Geography

All of the fifty states are distinctive, each with its own topography.  In Hawaii, it ranges from the peaks of the volcanoes to the white, sandy beaches by the sea. In Nebraska, there are miles upon miles of cornfields, while Pennsylvania is enhanced by the Appalachians. 


“Out and About Classroom” – Biology

Growing up in the countryside, my backyard was a living terrarium.  I went for long walks with my family in the woods behind our house, studying the living organisms, letting ladybugs crawl up my arm, learning the difference between poison ivy and poison oak. 


“Out and About Classroom” – Community

Our world has become a global community, thanks to technologies such as skyping, texting and e-mail.  While this enables us to keep in touch in a broader manner, it also tends to make us look past the day to day people who create the framework of our neighborhoods.


“Out and About Classroom” – Art

Art is a creative representation of the world we live in and one that comes forth from imagination.  The Renaissance inspired realism and human emotion in art, while the romantic movement was a revolt against scientific rationalism.