15 Easy Toddler Lunch Ideas to Pack For Daycare

There are a few tricks we moms have to master for sheer survival. For toddler moms, it’s having an arsenal of toddler lunch ideas at the ready. When my children became hungry when they were toddlers, it meant meltdown city. Even now, they get what I call “hangry” (angry + mad) when they haven’t eaten […]


Chicken Soup for Baby Recipe

Most parents don't realize that they can feed their babies no-sodium chicken soup (with chunks and choking hazards removed of course)! It's a real "aha!" moment when parents finally understand that grown-up food is baby food! You don't have to prepare different meals for each member of the family—one dish can feed everyone!


Crock Pot French Toast Pudding Recipe

Is there anything better than waking to the tantalizing aroma of a warm, cinnamon-y, comforting breakfast? And knowing your crock pot did all the work while you slept is just icing on the cake! This is a breakfast recipe that the whole family can enjoy, including babies. Appropriate for babies 8 months or older, this […]