Schedule-Free Summers Aren’t Realistic For Working Moms

Every year around this time, the Internet explodes with articles encouraging families to toss their virtual agendas and let kids enjoy a schedule-free summer. These posts wax on about how special it was to grow up in the eighties and nineties without the modern pressure we have to over-excel. With babies enrolling in gymnastics classes […]

Mom Confessions

Why You Should Kick The Career Guilt For Good

Whether you work or stay at home (or both), there is one thing that unites all mothers: mom guilt. Like many things related to motherhood, mom guilt is personal. We all have our own version. Of course, not every mom will feel guilty about the decisions she makes regarding work and motherhood. Some take great offense […]

Your Pregnancy

How to Navigate Your Pregnancy at Work

Navigating your pregnancy at work can be hard. When it comes to understanding your employer’s policies and your legal rights, even experienced working moms can feel a little lost. Although we’ve made strides toward normalizing pregnancy in the workplace, unlawful discrimination against pregnant workers is still rampant. While you should always consult with legal counsel […]


House of Cards

As any working mother can tell you, childcare is a house of cards. One good breeze and the whole thing comes tumbling down around you. And one good breeze can be something as simple as a sick child or as complex as your daycare provider getting a fabulous job with a pretty awesome organization and […]


Your Guide to a Great Summer with Your Kids

We have finally joined the rest of the country. School’s out for the summer. No more lunches to pack. No more homework packets to complete. No more permission slips to sign. No more after-school childcare to juggle. It’s time to relax and enjoy the summer.


School and the Working Parent

A friend of mine texted me the other day. “Schools are not set up for working parents!” I smiled a little and sent her a reply, “Just wait until you start to run out of vacation time because of parent teacher conferences that can only happen before 3:00.”


Summer at Work

Summer vacation is here with a vengeance. The kids are happily ensconced in their summer daycare and I’m somewhat happily working my summer schedule.