How Yoga Changed My Life (Not Just My Pants)

  Yoga pants and moms have become a cliche. Something moms wear to pick up kids from school and swing through the Starbucks drive-through. In jokes and memes and occasionally maybe even in reality, yoga pants exist purely to collect baby spit up and as a napkin to collect potato chip grease. A recent Saturday […]


Your Perfect Workout

What does your perfect workout mean? Is it a stroll in the park, taking a fitness class, a rigorous hour of tennis, or using the Stairmaster during your favorite TV show?

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6 Healthy Mother-Daughter Bonding Ideas

As a young girl and a teenager I cherished the time I had with just my mother, as an opportunity for us to bond and share girl-talk, those shopping trips and outings not only brought us together, but created lasting memories.


How Many Points are in Crust?

I remember, one time, before having kids, I needed to lose seven pounds in a week. I went on a crash diet of wheat thins, cheese, and vodka and was able to fit in my Little Black Dress with room to spare.